NYX Carbon E-Bike Frame blue

NYX Carbon E-Bike Frame blue

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Der letzte lagernde NYX Carbon Frame zum super Sonderpreis.

Günstiger als beim Hersteller.

Dieses Modell ist mit den blau eloxierten Aluparts, die Schwinge ist schwarz.


Carbon Fiber Nyx Frame Kit is the best way to build your own electric bike that will meet your expectations.

Steering Tube

Nyx Frame can handle either 1 1 1/8¨- 1 1 1/8¨ straight fork or 1 1/8¨-1 ½ ¨ without any changes. Its universal steering tube allows you to choose from a wider range of forks to avoid headaches. Nyx Bikes also offers Cane Creek’s Headset that can fit both steering types.

Battery Space

Enjoy 16L of battery space with the Nyx frame kit. Our frame kit is specially designed for a rider to fit in as many batteries as he or she wants. The only disadvantage to all this space will be your growing addiction to electric power!

Carbon Fiber Infusion Molding

At Nyx Bikes, our mission is to provide our customers with quality products. Therefore, the Nyx electric bike frames are made out of the best materials available in the industry. Nyx frame kit is made of carbon fiber; a material stronger than steel. We also chose Epoxy Resin; the best product available to mold carbon fiber. We are also using an infusion molding technique to ensure a neat surface finish and the ultimate mechanical properties. This monocoque frame will work with you to conquer whichever path you choose to take.


Our 27.2mm seat tube is perfect to fit all the popular seat tubes available.


Swing arm is completely assembled without any welds. The 150mm dropout allows you to install virtually any hub motors. Wheels up to 26 inches in diameter and 3 inches in width, as well as disc brakes between 160mm and 203mm can be coupled to the aluminum aerospace graded swing arm. Its unique design allows you to run one speed without chain tensioners. 




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