KVD7250N 72V,380A - Sealed Trapezoidal Brushless Motor Controller

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KELLY KVD7250N 72V,380A - Sealed Trapezoidal Brushless Motor Controller 

Optional mit CAN BUS (bitte zusätzlich KVD-CAN BUS bestellen)

30 Sekunden 380A Boost Strom

kontinuierlicher Strom 110A

Dokumentation KVD - Sealed Trapezoidal Brushless Motor Controller (60V-72V) (160A-380A)


Kelly KVD programmable motor controllers provide efficient, smooth and quiet controls for electric motorcycles, golf carts and go-carts, as well as industrial motor control. It uses high power MOSFET’s and, PWM to achieve efficiencies of up to 99% in most cases. A powerful microprocessor brings in comprehensive and precise control to the controllers. It also allows users to adjust parameters, conduct tests, and obtain diagnostic information quickly and easily. Customers can program the KVD controller on PC software and Android App. There is one more choice for customers to program trapezoidal wave controller now. The APP software is based on Tablet with Android OS. Customers may add a Z-TEK USB to RS232 cable for programming KVD controller if they want to use Android Tablet.

KVD features an improved enclosure over KBL controllers with improved waterproofing and peak current.