S-V12 Dual Hall Sensor 12 Signals Easy Assembling PAS

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1. Use the integration structure design of dual hall detection elements and the built-in disk, and it is unique, novel with beautiful appearance;
2. Compared with the traditional separation sensor, it can realize the concentric motion of disk and magnetic induction element, which is with high sensitivity and stable signal;
3. Output 12 signals with fast power-assist response speed, and it can automatically identify the positive rotation and the reverse rotation of the pedal;
4. The installation and disassembly are convenient and quick.
5. Standard interface: SM-3A
6. S-V12 Dual Hall assist sensor uses the left installation mode, during the installation, it’s simply needed to remove the left crank, and install the sensor in an electric bicycle axis according to the diagram,
then install the crank back into place to complete the sensor installation.